Binary Options and Forex Copy Trading Club

Copy trading is really one of the easiest ways to be able to take part in the markets with a decent chance of success, without having to go through the steep learning curve of how to trade, whether it be in binary options trading or the spot forex trading market or any other market for that matter.

Of course it is good to be able to learn to trade for yourself and we cover some good options for that, but still trading is not an easy game and has a steep learning curve, so we find it much easier to just copy the trades of already successful traders or to make use of good trading software.

Binary Options Copy Trading Service

Our binary options copy trading service is halted until further notice as our previous platform wont accept trading robots anymore.

We are busy trying to set up a new copy trading service and will let you know as soon as it is ready.

Be sure to join the newsletter in the meantime as we will let you know via the newsletter when the new service is ready.

In the meantime, you can use the bots on your own computer and run them yourself.

==>> BO Copy Trading service

Binary Options Robots

We also have three free to download binary option robots that work on the platform.

The platform is the new and improved version of the former platform

The first one is called BOCTC Pivot Bot.

This is a really powerful binary options robot and is free to download and trades on the platform.

You can check that out and download it on the following page:

=>=> Binary Pivot Bot

The second one is called BOCTC Digit Differ Bot.

This one only works on the Volatility Indexes, and specifically on the Digits matches/differs contract on the platform.

More info is available on the following page as well as the download link.

=>=> BOCTC Digit Differ Bot

Our third bot is called BOCTC Volatility Binary Bot and this one works on the platform.

It has volatility bands somewhat similar to Bolinger bands and you set the band by what is called a factor which is basically the thickness of the band.

Then whenever there is some volatility in the market and the price touches one of these bands, then a trade is taken in the opposite direction.

Works really well and has been showing good profits.

You can get all the info regarding this bot and download it as well on the following page.

==>> BOCTC Volatility Binary Bot