5 minute vs 3 minute or both

Over the past few days we have not been getting as good results with our Pocket Option copy trading using the 5 minute expiry as we normally do.

As somebody suggested, Covid 19 Markets.

However, in the background we have been testing running the same Factor 4 volatility trades, but with a 3 minute expiry at the same time.

The results over the last days have been as follows.

5 minute top row and 3 minute bottom row

The top row results are for the 5 minute expiry trades and the bottom row is for the 3 minute expiry trades.

Not the exact same amount of trades as the payouts still need to meet our criteria of a minimum payout percentage of 60%., but as you can see the 3 minute expiry did the better over the same time period and with more trades.

Over the course of testing this is not always the case, but the worst case scenario is that they end up with very similar results.

However if you combine the results of 12 winners divide by 21 trades taken the result is 57% which is a slightly positive result.

Our past testing shows very positive results overall and as there are much more trades, the dollar result is more positive.

What we will be doing going forward is to offer you the choice of having:

  • 5 minute trades
  • 3 minute trades
  • both

What we suggest is that you just halve your copying amount to start with if you want to copy both expiry times.

So say that you were trading with 5% compounding, then just go with 2.5% per trade.

Then when you start seeing positive results you can always increase it.

So if you would like to have both trades copied to your account or change to just the 3 minute expiry, then let Kerry know via the Contact Us form and she will change your account accordingly.

Don’t forget to tell her your trade amount and state both or just 3 minute.

If you just want to stay with the 5 minute expiry as it is, then do nothing as the default will be to stay with the 5 minute expiry.