API Token

Please follow the steps below to create an API Token.

We will use this token to place the trades into your account if you subscribe to the copy trading, or you may use it in one of the binary robots where an API Token is required.

If you don’t have a Binary.com account, then click here to get one.

Now log into your account on Binary.com

The steps for creating an API Token are the same whether you have a virtual account or a real account.

If you only have a virtual account at this stage and want to upgrade it to a real account, then just look on the top navigation for Upgrade to a Real account and go through the steps.

upgrade to a real account
Upgrade to a Real Account

Once logged into your account, look to the top right and select the Settings.

A drop down menu will appear.

Then select Security & Limits

select small drop down menu
Select small arrow from drop-down menu

Then select API Token.

choose API Token
Select API Token

Now you need to Choose your API Token name and that is up to you to whatever you want to call it, just make sure that there are No spaces or punctuation in the name or any special characters.

For Choose Scopes you must select both Read and Trade and then select Create.

select read and trade scopes and select create
Select both Read and Trade Scopes and then click Create.

Congratulations. You have a newly created API Token.

Just highlight the Token and then copy it and send it over to us and we will have your account setup within 12 hours if you are using it for copy trading or if you are using it for any software or bots, just insert the API Token where required.

your API Token is created
API Token

Anytime that you want to stop your account from being traded, then just delete the API Token in your binary.com account.

Here is a quick video explaining the procedure: