Bots not working on the Platform as of 16 July 2020

As re-brands themselves to they made some changes on the 16th July 2020 that will make your bots stop working.

All you will need to do is update your bots and they will work again.

To this end just download the bots from the links below and they will automatically overwrite your old version of the bot with the new version.

==>> Volatility Bot

==>> Pivot Bot

If you already had a account, then you can continue using that account, otherwise you will need to open a new account with

With the new accounts they only allow you to create an API Token if you have a real account.

They do not allow API creation with a demo account.

So you will need to just click on the small avatar in your real deriv account.

Click on your Avatar in your Deriv account
Click on your Avatar in your Deriv account
Then go to API Token, then create a name for your Token and then hit create.

Then go to API Token, then create a name for your Token and then hit create.

This will create a Token that you can then copy and insert into your bot where it asks for Token API.

If using the Volatility Bot it should look like this with it being Version or higher.

We have been having some consistent success on the 1 minute chart with a Factor setting of 3.5 and expiry of 1 minute.

You can download this setting from this link.

Pocket Option no longer accepting trading with bots

Well Pocket Option have told us that they no longer have a liquidity provider and as a result they will not be allowing robot trading as they cant be a market maker against bots at this stage.

What that all means is that the volatility bot that we were using does not work anymore and as a result there is no more copy trading.

However all is not lost:

We were testing the 5 minute chart with 10 minute expiry and Factor of 3 on the Binary Volatility bot and that was showing positive results.

As a result we will be offering copy trading with those settings on in the next few days once we have completed a few more tests and then we will let you know via an email.

We will also be offering Option Field and Spectre options but we will start with the copy trading.

If you dont have a account yet, get yourself one via the link below.

==>> Get a account here

Of course if you have your own VPS then you can just run the Binary Volatility bot yourself with those settings.

You can download the bot via the link below;

==>> Download Binary Volatility Bot here

Pocket Option issues.

If your bot is not trading and has lots of yellow, orange or red assets, it is issues that Pocket Option is having with their liquidity provider.

They are aware of it and working on it.

We just going to have to wait for them.

This obviously also affects the copy trading.

Probably best to stop your bot and then check it again tomorrow and the next day and so on or until I know more and can let you know when it is working again.

Change to copy trading times.

Since the worldwide Covid 19 lockdown our copy trading results have not been anywhere near as good as they were before the lockdown.

As a result we have decided to go to the more conservative settings of trading on the 5 minute chart with a 10 minute expiry time.

This has been proven a good setting before, but it is much more conservative, meaning much less trades.

We will continue to monitor results of the 1 minute chart with 5 minute expiry on another account and when that one starts getting consistent results again we will switch back.

So the settings that we are using now are 5 minute chart with a 10 minute expiry with a Factor of 3.

What do you need to do?

Nothing if you still want to carry on copying the trades.

If you dont want to copy, then just let admin know.

If you would like to make use of the copy trading service go here

If you just want to use the bot go here.

Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 9 May 2020

5 minute copy trading results

Trading 5% Compounding
5 minute expiry
Start Date: 16 July 2019
Starting balance: $200
Profit to today: $3801.90
Total trades: 748
#Won: 475
#Lost: 273
Win rate: 63.90%

Download trade history here

3 minute copy trading results

Trading 5% Compounding
3 minute expiry
Start Date: 13 April 2020
Starting balance: $1000
Profit to today: $520.55
Total trades: 145
#Won: 90
#Lost: 59
Win rate: 60.40%

Download 3 minute trade history here


Well that was a very tricky few weeks of trading.

We saw good results with both the 5 minute expiry trades and also the 3 minute expiry trades and so decided to offer our copy traders the option of having both sets of trades or one or the other.

However, even though we showed a profit on our account, it did not carry over to the copy trading.

We feel in hindsight that it was causing too much of a delay or lag from the time the trades were made on our account to the time they were copied on the copy trading software and ultimately on the copy traders account.

This being because most of the 5 minute and 3 minute trades were initiated at the same time, so doubling the amount of trades, hence the lag.

We have decided to discontinue offering the 3 minute trades and revert back to just the 5 minute expiry trades which has shown us a fantastic profit since starting with a $200 account on the 16 July 2019 to today, the 9th May 2020 we are in profit of $3801.90

We would like to point out that if you run your own bot on your own VPS, you will get the trades copied at a much greater speed than relying on our copy trading software and thus your results will be more inline with ours as a result.

Those extra seconds can have a major impact on your results.

Get the Cheap VPS set up and install your bot as described on that page and you can still run both the 5 minute expiry, the 3 minute expiry or just one of them.

Although the markets are bad at the moment with the worldwide lockdown, we are still making profit, although at a much slower pace.

You can get a hold of support if you have any issues setting up your own VPS.

5 minute vs 3 minute or both

Over the past few days we have not been getting as good results with our Pocket Option copy trading using the 5 minute expiry as we normally do.

As somebody suggested, Covid 19 Markets.

However, in the background we have been testing running the same Factor 4 volatility trades, but with a 3 minute expiry at the same time.

The results over the last days have been as follows.

5 minute top row and 3 minute bottom row

The top row results are for the 5 minute expiry trades and the bottom row is for the 3 minute expiry trades.

Not the exact same amount of trades as the payouts still need to meet our criteria of a minimum payout percentage of 60%., but as you can see the 3 minute expiry did the better over the same time period and with more trades.

Over the course of testing this is not always the case, but the worst case scenario is that they end up with very similar results.

However if you combine the results of 12 winners divide by 21 trades taken the result is 57% which is a slightly positive result.

Our past testing shows very positive results overall and as there are much more trades, the dollar result is more positive.

What we will be doing going forward is to offer you the choice of having:

  • 5 minute trades
  • 3 minute trades
  • both

What we suggest is that you just halve your copying amount to start with if you want to copy both expiry times.

So say that you were trading with 5% compounding, then just go with 2.5% per trade.

Then when you start seeing positive results you can always increase it.

So if you would like to have both trades copied to your account or change to just the 3 minute expiry, then let Kerry know via the Contact Us form and she will change your account accordingly.

Don’t forget to tell her your trade amount and state both or just 3 minute.

If you just want to stay with the 5 minute expiry as it is, then do nothing as the default will be to stay with the 5 minute expiry.

Binary Options Copy Trading to 30 March 2020

Trading 5% Compounding
Start Date: 16 July 2019
Starting balance: $200
Profit to today: $3352
Total trades: 514
#Won: 337
#Lost: 177
Win rate: 65.56%

Download trade history


Another profitable month, even though we missed a few days due to some technical issues.

Remember that you do not want to leave massive profits in your account.

Make profit and take profit is the key.

We are leaving our profits in the account at the moment as we need to show the trade history to you and we are compounding, but for you, we suggest anytime that you get to a stage where you have doubled or tripled your account, to take your profits out and start again.

Binary Options Copy Trading to 11 March 2020

Trading 5% Compounding
Start Date: 16 July 2019
Starting balance: $200
Profit to today: $2327.20
Total trades: 420
#Won: 270
#Lost: 150
Win rate: 64.29%

Download trade history


Well February was one of our more difficult months but we pulled through and ended up in profit in the end.

Thanks to one of our traders Giannis for testing and suggesting that we change our pause times to incorporate more of the Asian session after his tests proved a positive result over a few months of testing.

We followed along and it has been positive for us.

With binary options trading, it is win some, lose some, a back and forth dance, but with our bot watching the market all day long and our edge, we just leave it alone and let it do its thing and we have taken our copy trading account with a $200 starting balance to $2327.20 in profit in almost 8 months with a 5% compounding.

That is over a thousand percent in profit in 8 months.

It is a proven winner.

All you need is patience and time.

Just let it do its thing and leave it alone for a few months and let it compound.

Bearing in mind that we have traders copying with thousands of dollars in their accounts, we have some people making big $$$$s

Copy trading page is here