Best Forex Strategy

The best forex strategy is one that is convenient to use and above all else, can show a consistent profit, month after month and year after year.

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Did you know that just 10 international banks control 70% of the daily forex volumes in the market?

So, if you are selling when they are buying and buying when they are selling, you will lose, which is unfortunately what most traders are doing in the market.

To be profitable as a forex trader, you need to be buying when they are buying and selling when they are selling.

We have been following a professional trader, known as Trader Dale who has figured out how to do just that.

He uses Volume Profile to track institutional trading activity and also has his own Volume Profile tools that you get when you join him, that make this all possible.

Watch this video (6 mins, 58 seconds) where he explains exactly what it is that he is doing.

==>> Visit the Trader Dale website

Very clever, don’t you agree?

We recommend that you join Trader Dale and learn this one trading skill, that you can use for the rest of your life and be consistently profitable in the forex markets.

Most everybody at the club trades this way now and we use Blueberry Markets as our broker to trade with.

==>> Visit the Trader Dale website

Be sure to subscribe t his newsletter on his site as he gives a decent overview of the course for free as well as the fact that he runs promotions on his actual software and advanced courses from time to time, which he sends to his subscribers.