Binary bot 5 min settings with Martingale

We ran the binary bot on the 5 minute time frame with 5 minute expiry times and using a 7 level Martingale on the Volatility Indexes.

The settings were:

2 consecutive green or red candles

Bolinger Band 20 and 2

RSI Period 5 and 80 overbought and 20 oversold.

M5 Volatility Index
M5 Volatility Index


Starting with $1 per trade.

We ran the bot for 26 hours and 46 minutes although it shows a run time of 2 hours and 46 minutes, what actually happens is that after 24 hours, it starts counting afresh.

The profit was an impressive $95.82

However as per normal we must take a look at all the trades taken.

⇒⇒ You can download the results of all the trades taken here

⇒⇒ Download the settings for Volatility_Martingale_x7_M5_Chart_M5_Trade_2candles_5_80_20

This one started with a 7 level Martingale and we we started the trading off with a $1 stake.

7 level mart to start

That was a pretty tough start but we made it through.

Then there was another 7 level before the day was done.

second 7 level

Survived that one as well.

We were trading with a $1 starting stake, but you can start trading the Volatility Indexes with 35 cents.

Almost $100 profit for the day.

We have people who trade this one all the time starting with just 35 cents a trade and showing good results.

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