Binary Pivot Bot

We have an extremely good binary options bot that works exclusively with

The binary bot or binary robot is called; BOCTC_Pivot_Bot

The BOCTC_Pivot_Bot is Free to use to trade the Volatility Indexes on the binary platform.

This is how it looks:

this is how the BOCTC Pivot Bot looks
this is how the BOCTC Pivot Bot looks


BOCTC_Pivot  is a bot working with exclusively.

That means that it only works on the platform.

The strategy is a combination of Bolinger Bands (BB) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) as well as setting a number of consecutive green or red candles closing above or below the BB and RSI to initiate a trade.

There is also the option of adding in a Pivot Point that needs to be met at a High, Medium High, Medium Low or Low point.

The bot works on trend reversal or continuation of trend which is more of a breakout.

You select all or a combination of the settings provided and whether you want the bot to enter a trade as a reversal trade which means that we leave the option; “Follow Trend” unchecked and if we want a continuation of trend, then we check “Follow Trend”.

Remember that putting a check or tick in a box implies Yes.

Follow trend unchecked will take reversal trades

Follow trend unchecked will take reversal trades

Follow Trend checked will take continuation trades in the direction of the breakout or trend
Follow Trend checked will take continuation trades in the direction of the breakout or trend

We make our decision about Following the Trend or not following the trend by taking a look at our different Volatility Indexes and scrolling back about 115 candles.

115 candles scroll back
115 candles scroll back

Do that for all the indexes and see whether more are ranging or trending.
In this case more were trending than ranging.

If more are trending, then we go for “Follow Trend” which is like a breakout or continuation of trade

If more Indexes are ranging we leave our “Follow Trend” unchecked which will give us reversal trades.

You get a much better idea of whether the markets are trending or ranging by increasing the number of candles visible in your chart window.

Here is the same chart as above with just the normal view of 25 candles.

25 candles

25 candles You do not really get a clear impression of the direction.

So our first decision is whether to follow the trend or not.

Next, let us take a look at the main part of the settings to understand how our bot works.

Basic settings of our bot

Basic Settings of our Bot

So we trading Volatility Indexes, but just 5 of them.

You can also add in the Bull and Bear Market Indexes, but I do not like them as they have almost no volatility in the off hours.

We have chosen a 5 minute expiry time for our trade with one reentry trade in the same direction  if the trade loses.

To make sure this is enabled you also need to check the option “Reenter on Loss.”

Reenter on loss checked
Reenter on loss checked

We did not select “Use Pivot” in our example above, but the Pivot is a Support and Resistance level identified by the bot and the bot will only take a trade once that

Pivot level has been reached.

In the following we can see a High Pivot Level selected along with our same settings on the Volatility 10 Index.

Settings with High Pivot selected
Settings with High Pivot selected

The High Pivot are those 2 dotted lines on the main chart window.

One of them is high above the current price level and the other is way below the current price level.

Pivot levels work out good for higher time frame trading, but you will get very few trades.

Next in our settings we have selected to have 2 consecutive green and red candles.
What this means is that there must be 2 consecutive green candles and one of them must close above the Bolinger Bands and the RSI for our trade to initiate.

For the 2 consecutive red candles, one of them  must close below the Bolinger Bands and the RSI settings.

You can of course set more consecutive candles, which will make it more conservative.

Consider ATM in Trend

Now, there is an option called Consider ATM in Trend.

Consider ATM in Trend
Consider ATM in Trend

What that does when checked is that it counts any doji candle in the count of consecutive candles.

A doji candle is a candle that opened and closed at the same level and does not show as a coloured candle.

If you have “Consider ATM in Trend” unchecked, then there must be the actual number of consecutive green or red candles selected for the trade to initiate.

Bollinger Bands

Next we enabled our Bolinger Bands.

We selected a normal band of 20

Then we selected to have a deviation of 0.4

The standard deviation is normally 2.

You can demo and test with your own settings.

Relative Strength Index – RSI

Next we enabled our RSI.

We selected to have settings of 4 for our RSI period and 73 for overbought and 27 for oversold.

What this all means is that when we have 2 consecutive green candles and one of them must close above the BB and the RSI, then our trade initiates  a trade in the opposite direction if we left the option “Follow Trend” unchecked for 5 minutes or in the same direction for 5 minutes if we checked “Follow Trend”.

If the trade losses it will renter one more time in the same direction.

The opposite for 2 consecutive red candles.

Here is an example of 2 consecutive red candles, with one of them closing below the BB and RSI and initiating a 5 minute reversal trade which won.

Reversal Trade won
Reversal Trade won

Money Management

Our Money Management was Fixed Stake, but we have a few options.

Fixed Stake
Fixed Stake

Fixed Stake

Fixed Stake is a flat trade amount for each individual trade.



Martingale is the increasing of the trade amount after a losing trade.
You set your initial trade amount, then the number of Martingale levels and then the Martingale Multiplier which is the amount each successive losing trade is multiplied by to achieve a result that will cover all your losses plus give you a profit of the initial amount.

Normally in an even chance game  and 100% payout option, you would just double the amount of the next bet, but with binary options it is not a 100% payout so we have gone for a Martingale Multiplier of 2.2 which produces a positive outcome when we hit a winning trade.

Shared Money Management

Shared Money Management if checked takes all assets traded cumulatively.
Shared Money Management left unchecked takes each asset traded individually.
So say you lost on the Volatility 10 index the first trade and then renter trade, then it would wait until there was another trade on the Volatility 10 Index and enter the next Martingale amount.

If Shared Money Management is checked it will Martingale the very next trade whatever asset it may be.



Compounding is when a set percentage of your trade account balance is traded.
In our example, we started with $100 and trading 3%, so first trade will be $3
If it wins, then next trade amount will be 3% of $100 plus winning payout amount, so more than $3 now.

Say the first trade losses, then the next trade will be 3% of $97, so less than $3 now.
What is great about Compounding is that your trade amounts will be getting bigger on a winning streak and smaller on a losing streak.

Again, having “Shared Money Management” checked trades all assets cumulatively.
Having “Shared Money Management” unchecked trades each asset individually.



Masaniello is a very popular betting progression from Italy.

You set how much cash you  have in your trading account or how much you want to risk for that Masaniello session.

Then how many trades you want to Masaniello, so we have 10.

Then the Average Payout. We put 1.75 which is 75% plus the initial trade amount of 100% so 175% in decimals.

75% is conservative for the Volatility Indexes which are more in the high 80s or even low 90s but we go conservative.

Then we say that we hope to be winning 50% of our trades so 5 out of 10.

Then the Masaniello will adjust the trade amounts according to what the results are.

Somewhat like a Martingale but not as aggressive.

Time Interval

Time interval just means chart time frame.

You can select from 1 minute to one day.

Time Interval is chart time frame.
Time Interval is chart time frame.

We were trading on the 5 minute chart.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

Stop Loss and Take Profit
Stop Loss and Take Profit

You can see the Stop Loss and Take Profit settings below where it says “Shared Money Management”

Now you can set it and forget and come back at the end of the day and just check in to see how it is doing.

Then reset for the next day.

Getting Started

The BOCTC_Pivot bot can be downloaded for free below and it is ready to be used on Volatility Indexes only.

It needs to be run on a Windows computer.

It can also be run on a Windows VPS.

You can read about getting a cheap VPS for your binary bot on this page.

Please fill in the following form and we will send the BOCTC_Pivot Binary Bot download link to your inbox:

⇒⇒ Download the latest settings here.

Last updated 13 November 2018

Inside the downloaded zip file there are all the settings. Unzip the file wherever in your local drive.

Vix settings

Vix is a shortening of Volatility Index.

These are example settings so that you can get the bot working on your demo account and test.

What we have been having good results with is running two instances of the bot at the same time.
One instance trades “Follow Trend”. and the other instance trades “No Follow Trend”
This has been working out really good with the Martingale.

Start by testing  all the settings, but we suggest the  Martingale with two instances of the bot running.

Talking about these two:

and this one;

Now we do not have to worry about the direction of the market as we are trading both directions..

To load the settings, install the bot (see below), put your Token API and push ‘Load Settings’ button providing the relevant txt file. To open another instance of the bot just do it again and then load your next settings and hit start.

The settings are indicative and can be changed by the user as per his risk exposure.

To Install the Bot

Remember this bot only works on Windows machines.

A VPS is recommended, otherwise a Windows computer that is constantly connected to the internet and can be kept running without interruption.

Click on the download link that we sent to your inbox after submitting the form above. It is a download from Google Drive.

That should bring you to a page like below. Click download.

Select Download
Select Download

That should download the exe file and you should see it in the bottom left of your screen.
If your antivirus might block  it at this stage, so be sure to make an exception for it.
Double click on the exe file.

Double lick on the exe file.
Double lick on the exe file.

That will most likely bring you to a  Windows warning. Select More Info and then Run Anyway.

Select More Info and then Run Anyway.
Select More Info and then Run Anyway.

There maybe one more screen where it asks if you want to allow the software to make changes to the computer. Select Run.

Select Run
Select Run

Then you should see a screen like below. Click Next.

. Click Next.
. Click Next.

Once it has installed, then click Finish.

click Finish.
click Finish.

Now you should see an icon on your desktop.

icon on your desktop
icon on your desktop

Right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

Run as Administrator.
Run as Administrator.

The bot should start.
Then in the top left hand corner you need to insert an API Token. We suggest that you start with your Demo account first before using a live account.
If you are not sure how to create an API Token, please go to the following page for a step by step guide.
⇒⇒ How to create an API Token

insert your API Token here
insert your API Token here

The next thing to do is to load some settings.
Select Load Setup at the bottom left and navigate to where you downloaded the settings to.
Then select:
Then we run two instances of the bot as mentioned previously..

Load settings for M5 chart
Load settings for M5 chart

It will the ask you if you want to proceed, Click Yes.

Then it will tell you if the operation completed successfully. Click Ok

Then click Start.
A window will pop up telling you that as you do not have a license for the forex options at this stage, only Volatility Indexes will be allowed to be traded.
Click OK.

Click Ok
Click Ok

Your bot is up and running now and analysing the market.

up and running and analysing the market
up and running and analysing the market

Update Update Update

One of our members came up with a clever strategy for the bot using the Martingale.
What you do is open two instances of the bot at the same time and have one bot trading a Martingale following the trend and the other instance of the bot also trading the Martingale but not following the trend.

We traded this on the 15 minute charts with a 15 minute expiry and 7 levels of Martingale, starting with the lowest trade amount of 35 cents and using a Martingale Multiplier of 2.2.

To open multiple instances of the bot just right click on the shortcut of the bot on your desktop or wherever you have it and run as administrator.

Then load your settings and start the bot.

Now to open the next instance of the bot, again right click on the shortcut on your desktop and run as administrator again and load the next setting that you want to use.

Trading the Martingale in opposite directions, i.e. Follow Trend and Not Follow Trend works out really well.

We were offering to host this ourselves on our own servers,  but we were swamped with so many demo accounts that it slowed down our copy trading software, so we are not offering it anymore, but you can easily run it yourself.

We have added the two settings to the settings download on the 13th November 2018

⇒⇒ Download the latest settings here.

So if you do not have them, just download again.
They are


We also have a version of the bot that trades all the forex currencies and commodities.

It costs $100 for a lifetime license and can be purchased via Skrill or PayPal.

Just get us via the Contact Us form and say whether you want to purchase via Skrill or PayPal and we will send you the details.

This allows you to trade all the assets available on the binary platform and not just the Volatility Indexes.