Digit Differ Bot

The BOCTC Digit Differ Bot is a robot working exclusively with binary.com and trades on the Volatility Indexes and specifically the Matches /Differs Contract.

The bot only works on Windows machines and with the broker binary.com

This is how the Digit Differ Bot Looks

Digit Differ bot how it looks
How the Digit Differ Bot looks after reaching the Target Profit.

We are trading the Differs Contract with 5 ticks.

You win the Digit Differs payout if the last digit of the last tick is not the same as your prediction.

The payout does fluctuate depending on the trade amount, but is around 8% after we get about a 1% commission from winning trades for bringing trading volume to the market.

If you lose, then the bot will make a calculation to take the next trade so that the payout will cover the loss and generate a profit.

Like a very aggressive Martingale.

If that second trade also losses, then a third trade will be taken trying to win back the losses from the previous two trades and a profit.

If you lose three trades in a row, then the bot will stop trading.

Here is a video explaining the Digit Differ Bot in more detail:

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The digit Differ Bot only works on Windows machines.

This can be your own computer or a Windows VPS.

If you want to use a cheap VPS please check out our page on CheapVPS and download it to your VPS.

Once you hit the download link in your email from us, the following pages will open:

Just follow the workflow:

No Preview available, select Download
A warning will appear. Select the small arrow and a dropdown menu will appear.
Select Keep.
Once downloaded, you will see the BOCTCDigitDiffer Bot exe file. Double click on it.
You might get another Windows warning. Select More Info
Select Run anyway
The bot will download. Select Next.
Click Finish.
Now look for the BOCTCDigitDiffer Bot icon on your desktop and Right Click on it.
Right Click and select Run as administrator. Always run it as administrator.
Add in your API Token, Base Amount and Target Profit.

Now add in your API Token. It can be a demo or Real account API Token.

You can check on the following page on how to create an API Token

Then select you base trade amount.

Now select your Target Profit.

As you increase your Target Profit, you will see that the Odds will start changing and so will the estimated time as well as the Suggested Balance required.

What you want to do is keep the odds above 95% and obviously have enough money in the balance as suggested.

This suggested balance is based on the calculated amount to place three consecutive losing trades in a row.

You will get a Congratulations when your Target Profit is met.

Keep the Target Profit to above 95%. In fact we like to keep it at 99%

After each target Profit is met, then run it again and again.

Good luck.

Download the Digit Differ Bot

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