BOCTC Digit Differ Bot

We can offer you a free to use binary option robot/auto trading software that trades the Volatility Indexes on the platform and specifically the digits matches/differs contract and the differs option on that contract.

The robot/software is called the BOCTC Digit Differ Bot.

The bot only works with the Volatility Indexes and the Digits Matches/Differs on the platform.

You can choose which Volatility Index you want to trade.

The bot only works on Windows machines.

How Digits Matches/Differs contract works

matches differs how it looks on binary platform
Volatility Indexes Digits matches/differs how it looks on binary platform

Winning the Contract

If you select “Matches”, you will win the payout if the last digit of the last tick is the same as your prediction.

If you select “Differs”, you will win the payout if the last digit of the last tick is not the same as your prediction.

The digits are 0-9 so ten digits in total to choose from.

As you can see in the above image and trading with $10 the payout for selecting “Matches” for your digit is 809.1% and selecting “Differs” for your digit is 9.9%

The payout percentage changes depending on your trade amount and some other factors. The lowest trade amount is 35 cents and then the payout can drop right down to about 5%.

Now it is this “Differs” payout that we are targeting with our BOCTC Digit Differ Bot by throwing continuous trades at it, with a 5 tick expiry, and by using a dramatic trade amount increase on a loss to recover our previous losing trade.

You will need to have your selected digit hit three times in a row for your Stop Loss to be hit and the bot will stop trading.

How the BOCTC Digit Differ Bot looks and works

BOCTCDigit Differ Bot How it looks

The bot only runs on Windows machines.

Once installed you just need to insert your account’s API Token (demo or live) to get it working.

If you not sure how to create an API Token, then you can visit the following page where we explain hot to create one.

=>=> How to create an API Token

Active Symbol

Then you need to select your Active Symbol to trade.

You will see all the assets available on the platform, but it only works on the Volatility Indexes, so you need to select one of them from the five available.

Volatility 10 Index
Volatility 25 Index
Volatility 50 Index
Volatility 75 Index
Volatility 100 Index

Digit to Trade

Next select your Digit to Trade.

The options are from 0 to 9

Base Amount

Next you select your Base Amount to trade. As you select your base amount it will show you the suggested balance that you need available to trade that amount.

This amount is calculated on our special algorithm which after a losing trade, the next amount to trade will give us back our previous loss and a profit.

The suggested balance is calculated on taking three losing trades in a row.

Target Profit

Here you need to select your Target Profit.

As you change the target profit, you will see that the Odds will change and so will the Estimated Time in minutes it takes to complete the sequence.

Now how you wish to set up your bot is entirely up to you and your risk tolerance.

We will run through some different set ups in the video to follow at the bottom of this page.

Once you are happy with your setup, then all you need to do is hit the Start button and the bot will get trading for you.

It will either hit it’s Take Profit or Stop Loss.


Please make no mistake about it, but this is a gambling bot, but a very clever gambling bot that through sheer force of numbers of trades and the special algorithm, tries to extract continuous small profits from the market.

It is also pretty fun and entertaining to operate aside from the fact that it can be very profitable to operate.

Let us get it downloaded and set up and then once you have done that, you can watch the video at the bottom of this page which will explain how to use it.

Download the BOCTC Digit Differ Bot

Installing your bot

Once you have filled in the form above and submitted it, we will send an email to the address that you supplied along with the download link from Google drive.

Just give it a few minutes to arrive.

If it has not arrived by five minutes after submitting the form, then chances are that you filled in your email address incorrectly.

Just fill in the form again with the correct email address and submit it.

Now when you do get the email that we sent you, just click on the download link and the following window should open.

Then just follow the natural workflow to get your bot up and running.

click Download
You might get a security warning.
Just click on the drop down arrow and select Keep.
Once downloaded then click on the exe file to launch it.
You might get another warning. click More info
Click Run anyway
click Next to start setup.
Click Finish to complete setup.
Find the BOCTC Digit Differ Bot icon on your desktop
Right click it and Run as Administrator. Always run it as Administrator.
Congratulations. Your bot is set up.

Now insert your API Token from

The bot can trade on a demo account or a live account.

Obviously you want to start with a demo account.

Watch this video on how to use the BOCTC Digit Differ Bot