Volatility Pocket Bot

The BOCTC Volatility Pocket Bot is a fantastic binary options robot and has been producing nice profits for us, month after month .

The BOCTC Volatility Pocket Bot is free to download, but unfortunately does not work if you are Italy based.

The bot works exclusively with the binary options broker Pocket Option and on Windows machines.

You can read our review of Pocket Option here.

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This is how the BOCTC Volatility Bot looks

Volatility Pocket Option bor how it looks

If we look at the image above and in the window chart, you will see those two blue lines above and below the candles. Those are the volatility lines and they can be set by what is called a factor.

The above example is on a 1 minute chart. and the factor is set at 3, but you can set your own factor number.

The bigger the number, the wider the gap between the lines.

We have supplied you with setting of factor 4

We use the Factor 4 in our copy trading and it is a proven winner with a 5 minute expiry time.

The lower the factor the more trading action and the higher the number the less trades and more conservative.

Test on your demo account for what is a good fit for you.

Anytime some extreme volatility comes into the market and the price (candle) touches one of the volatility lines, a 5 minute trade is instantly initiated in the opposite direction.

Of course you can set your own expiry times and what charts you use, but we have supplied you with the 5% compounding money management on a 1 minute chart with a 5 minute expiry.

Please watch this short video to get an overview of how the Volatility bot works. (7 minute video)

As you can see it is quite a straight forward bot.

When price suddenly touches one of the Volatility lines a trade is taken in the opposite direction with a 5 minute expiry time and a minimum payout of 75%.

That minimum payout percentage is really a great feature as it filters out the very low paying trades.

Of course you can set your own amount.

Actually, we have changed our minimum to 60% payout now.

Pause Times

Pause times

You can set the bot to automatically Pause trading at certain times.

We now like to Pause trading around the 3 main market opening times as there is way too much Volatility at those times and often many breakouts and we are actually looking for Pullback trades.

If you are running your bot and it is not trading, just look in the history window and it will usually tell you the reason why.

In the image below you can see that it is giving the reason why the trade has not been executed as Pause 2.

That means that the time is between 07 am and 10 am on the server time (UCT) and that is what we have set for Pause 2.

If you want to delete a Pause time just make the time read 00 00 00 for Start and End times.

reason why Not Executed.

Money management.

We have the 4 Money Managements to choose from, i.e. Fixed Stake, Martingale, Compounding and Masaniello.

Fixed Stake

fixed stake money management

Shared MM doesn’t apply here as each trade is independent of another with fixed stake.

Reenter on ATM – means on the result being At The Money or a draw.

Max Simultaneous Trades – We have it set for two here, as you can often get a spike in the market and it could potentially open lots of trades.

Minimum Stake on Pocket Option is $1.

Stake – This is how much you are trading per trade, so in this case $10.


Martingale Money Management

Shared MM – In this case if you select it, then it will take just take one trade at a time and wait for the outcome of that trade to decide what the next trade amount will be. Left unchecked, it will consider each forex pair traded individually and only apply the money management to the next trade on that pair. This means that you could have many pairs trading at the same time with their own Martingale in action.

Reenter on ATM – If the result is a draw, it will consider it a loss and enter the next trade with the Martingale progression.

Max Simultaneous Trades, Minimum Stake and Initial amount are as they say.

# of levels – This is how many levels of Martingale. So if the first trade fails, then it will go into it’s first martingale. So 3 levels of Martingale is actually 4 trades.

Multiplier – this is by how much each level is multiplied by. So lose first trade of $1 then the first martingale will be $1 x 2.2=$2.2

If that loses, the second level will be $2.2×2.2 =$4.84

If that loses the third level will be $4.84×2.2=$10.65

So 4 trades in total.


compounding money management

Shared MM – Once again you can apply the compounding to each individual asset traded or cumulatively as a whole. So if you have it checked it will consider all trades as one progression and if left unchecked it will consider each asset individually and apply the compounding to each asset.

Cash – is how much cash you want to be involved in the compounding. It doesn’t have to be all the money in your account.

Risk % – is how much of the total cash amount you want to be trading.

Now what is good about compounding is that as your account starts increasing in size, so will your trade amount and as your account goes down, so will your trade amount. So basically trading larger amounts when you winning and lesser amounts when you losing. Smart.


masaniello money management

This is a popular betting progression from Italy and is quite clever.

You set the number of events so the number of trades, then you say how many of those you think that you will win, so expected wins ( about 50%) and what the payout will be, so the Average payout. (75%)

Then the Masaniello will set the trade amount for each trade depending on the outcome of the last trade.

The settings that we have provided are doing well and we use this system a lot., but feel free to play around with the settings on your demo account.

How to get the Volatility Bot

To get the BOCTC Volatility Pocket Bot , you will need to use our affiliate link for Pocket Option as the bot will only work for you if you are connected to us via Pocket Option.

Use the link below to signup for a demo account with Pocket Option.

It would be a good idea to clear all your cookies in your browser first. Press Shift+ Ctrl + Delete at the same time and clear all cookies and other site data from the beginning of time.

Once you have done that, then click the following link to Pocket Option and do the quick signup for a demo account.

Here is a quick video (8 mins) giving you an overview of the entire process to getting setup.

Now use the link below to do the quick signup at Pocket Option and get your demo account and account ID number.

>> Make sure to use this link to get to get your Pocket Option Demo account

The bot is linked to our affiliate link and will only work if linked to us.

You can test it on demo first.

Verify email address for Pocket Option

Once you have registered your new demo account, make sure that you go back into your inbox and verify your email address with Pocket Option, otherwise it won’t work.

make sure to verify email address
Go to your inbox and verify your email address for Pocket Option.

Volatility Bot download

Once you have joined Pocket Option via the link above, then look inside your account for your account ID number.

Just click the small arrow next to where it says Demo and a drop down box will appear.

Pocket Option account ID number
The account ID number is next to the name at the top.

That is the account ID number at the top, next to Kerry’s name.

Once you have that ID number, then you should be good.

Then just sign up for our newsletter and we will send you the download link as well as some settings and the license key.

License Key

Once you get that License key from us, then go to your bot and make sure that you put in your email address and password that you created your Pocket Option account with and then click on where it says License.

The License window will pop up and you can paste in your license key and press ok.

insert license key in the pop up window
Insert your own Pocket Option account email and password and then click on License and the license key window will appear. Past in the license key and press Ok.

If you followed exactly, your bot will now be activated and ready for action.

If you see the following popup window, then it means that you have not used the link that we provided for joining Pocket Option and you are not connected to us.

If you get this it means that you have not used the link we provided to join Pocket Option

If you do get this, then you are going to have to sign up for a new demo account with Pocket Option using a new email address and by using the link below.

>> Make sure to use this link to get to get your Pocket Option Demo account

Once you have used that link to join Pocket Option, then use that new account email and password in your bot and insert the license key and it should work now.

We also give updates and advise on settings in the Blog and Results section.

Be sure to stay up to date.

Once you have your bot set up, then load up with the settings that we supplied.

Test the different settings on your demo account.

We like the Compounding for 5% of account balance and use the Factor of 4 .

We want you to test and make your own decision what is a good fit for you, but 2.5 is very aggressive, 3 is aggressive and 4 is medium and what we use for the copy trading, whilst 5 is getting conservative and so on.

One of our members only uses factor 5 since he started and he is very profitable over the months trading $10 per trade, so that gives you some ideas.

Our copy trading uses Factor 4.

Be sure to read Profit and Risk so that you have an idea of what you’re doing and how many trades per month you want to achieve and with what trade amounts.

If you are resident in Italy, the bot will not work for you at all unfortunately.

The developer has restricted the use of the bot in Italy.

No problem though as you can use our similar Volatility Binary bot that works with the broker binary.com

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