Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 10 December 2019

Trading 5% of our account balance per trade, of our balance of $585.30 , since 5 November, our profit to today, 10 December 2019, is $486.91 which is a Win Rate of 63.43%

Our longest losing streak (LLS) was 3 trades in a row and our longest winning streak (LWS) was 8 trades in a row on a total of 134 trades taken.

That brings our total profit to $872.21 on our $200 account since starting our copy trading service on the 16th July 2019.

copy trading results to 10 December
Results from 5 November 2019 to 10 December 2019

The Money Management is 5% compounding.

As our results are so consistent, many of our traders are now making great returns by using 10% of account balance per trade compounding.

We were hesitant to recommend more than 5% previously, but with the software producing such consistent results we now feel comfortable recommending 10%

If you look at the Longest Losing Streak at 3 trades and an ITM of consistently above 60%+ you could easily go for 10% compounding.

Of course it is up to your own risk appetite.

You can download all the trades from the link below: