Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 18th October 2019

Since starting our free copy trading service on the 16th July 2019 and up to Friday 18th October 2019, and trading with just $10 per trade, our profit is $334.70

Remember that we started with a $200 account and trading just 5% of that account balance, which is $10, we have increased our account balance by over 150% in three months.

We just stuck with the $10 so as to keep it clear how we are doing, but that is not the best way to trade binary options from a money management perspective.

The best way is to trade with a percentage of your account balance.

We like 5% and would not recommend going with more than that.

Setting a percentage of your account balance per trade is much better as when you are winning, your trade amount per trade is increasing and when you are losing, the amount per trade is decreasing.

So right now, if we were trading with 5% our next trade amount would be 5% of $334.70 = $16.73

Our copy trading software does the calculation and sets the new trade amount for each new trade automatically.

Trading a percentage of your account balance keeps the risk percentage the same, but allows for increased stake size, which is the best practice.

If you would like to change your trade amount to a percentage rather than a set amount per trade, just let us know via the contact us page.

Below is a breakdown of our results so far and you can also download a full trade history of every trade since starting and up to the 18th October 2019 via Google drive link below.

binary options copy trading score to 18 October

Win Rate = 59.72%
Total Profit trading $10 per trade = $334.70
Longest Losing Streak (LLS) = 7
Longest Winning Streak (LWS) = 10
Number of trades from starting day is 427
# Won = 255
# Lost = 172

Download history link:

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