Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 1 Feb 2020

After a challenging week of copy trading due to some issues with Pocket Option changing some countries domain names and thus throwing our copy trading software into a bit of a tizz, we finally managed to get it all sorted out and working again and our results are as follows:

Trading 5% compounding of our account balance per trade, of our starting balance of $585.30 , since 5 November 2019, our profit to today, 1st February 2020, is $1 957.59 which is a Win Rate of 64.55%

Our longest losing streak (LLS) was 4 trades in a row and our longest winning streak (LWS) was 11 trades in a row on a total of 330 trades taken.

That brings our total profit to $2 342.89 on our opening account of $200 since starting our copy trading service on the 16th July 2019

copy trading results

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