Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 29 Nov 2019

Trading 5% of our account balance per trade, of our balance of $585.30 , since 5 November, our profit to today, 29 November 2019, is $327.08 which is a Win Rate of 63.92%

Our longest losing streak (LLS) was 3 trades in a row and our longest winning streak (LWS) was 5 trades in a row on a total of 97 trades taken.

That brings our total profit to $712.38 on our $200 account since starting our copy trading service on the 16th July 2019.

binary options copy trading results to 29 Nov 2019
Results from 5 November to 29 November 2019

That is with flat trading and NO Martingale or any other style of money management.

If you would like to know more about our Free copy trading service, then visit the following page:

You can download the trade history from the link below and see exactly every trade taken:

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