Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 4th November 2019

While adding in some more trades to our copy trading on Pocket Option last week, with another instance of the bot, we accidentally set our trading amount to $100 instead of $10.

Fortunately, this ended up positive for us, but it has now distracted from our trading history with just the $10 per trade amount which we used so that you could easily see what your returns would have been in comparison to a $10 trade amount.

Our trading is now showing a profit of $585, but it should only be $369.70 if we only had the $10 trades since the start of trading on the 16th July 2019.

binary options win rate

What we have decided to do starting from today the 5th November 2019 is to trade 5% of our account balance per trade.

This is actually best practice as far as money Management is concerned trading binary options and our copy trading software automatically calculates the amount to trade per trade.

So going forward we will start our trading history afresh from today 5th November with a starting balance of $585.30 and trading 5% of our balance per trade.


You can always ask us to copy trade any percentage of your account balance for the copy trading with Pocket Option.

We do suggest that 5% be the maximum percentage.

History of trades download link.