Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 9 May 2020

5 minute copy trading results

Trading 5% Compounding
5 minute expiry
Start Date: 16 July 2019
Starting balance: $200
Profit to today: $3801.90
Total trades: 748
#Won: 475
#Lost: 273
Win rate: 63.90%

Download trade history here

3 minute copy trading results

Trading 5% Compounding
3 minute expiry
Start Date: 13 April 2020
Starting balance: $1000
Profit to today: $520.55
Total trades: 145
#Won: 90
#Lost: 59
Win rate: 60.40%

Download 3 minute trade history here


Well that was a very tricky few weeks of trading.

We saw good results with both the 5 minute expiry trades and also the 3 minute expiry trades and so decided to offer our copy traders the option of having both sets of trades or one or the other.

However, even though we showed a profit on our account, it did not carry over to the copy trading.

We feel in hindsight that it was causing too much of a delay or lag from the time the trades were made on our account to the time they were copied on the copy trading software and ultimately on the copy traders account.

This being because most of the 5 minute and 3 minute trades were initiated at the same time, so doubling the amount of trades, hence the lag.

We have decided to discontinue offering the 3 minute trades and revert back to just the 5 minute expiry trades which has shown us a fantastic profit since starting with a $200 account on the 16 July 2019 to today, the 9th May 2020 we are in profit of $3801.90

We would like to point out that if you run your own bot on your own VPS, you will get the trades copied at a much greater speed than relying on our copy trading software and thus your results will be more inline with ours as a result.

Those extra seconds can have a major impact on your results.

Get the Cheap VPS set up and install your bot as described on that page and you can still run both the 5 minute expiry, the 3 minute expiry or just one of them.

Although the markets are bad at the moment with the worldwide lockdown, we are still making profit, although at a much slower pace.

You can get a hold of support if you have any issues setting up your own VPS.