Binary Options Copy Trading to 11 March 2020

Trading 5% Compounding
Start Date: 16 July 2019
Starting balance: $200
Profit to today: $2327.20
Total trades: 420
#Won: 270
#Lost: 150
Win rate: 64.29%

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Well February was one of our more difficult months but we pulled through and ended up in profit in the end.

Thanks to one of our traders Giannis for testing and suggesting that we change our pause times to incorporate more of the Asian session after his tests proved a positive result over a few months of testing.

We followed along and it has been positive for us.

With binary options trading, it is win some, lose some, a back and forth dance, but with our bot watching the market all day long and our edge, we just leave it alone and let it do its thing and we have taken our copy trading account with a $200 starting balance to $2327.20 in profit in almost 8 months with a 5% compounding.

That is over a thousand percent in profit in 8 months.

It is a proven winner.

All you need is patience and time.

Just let it do its thing and leave it alone for a few months and let it compound.

Bearing in mind that we have traders copying with thousands of dollars in their accounts, we have some people making big $$$$s

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