BO Copy Trading

We offer a binary options copy trading service that ONLY works on the platform.

This is a completely free service, and you can use either a demo account or a real account.

The minimum trade amount is set at $1 for real and demo accounts and please make sure that you have at least $100 in the account.

You can start with a demo account and afterwards you can always change it to a real account.

The copy trading service works with API Tokens and we do not have any access to your account in any other way.

The trades are simply copied from our account to your account via these API Tokens and it is all done automatically.

You do not even need to have your computer on.

All you would need to do is create an API Token and send it over to us and we will take care of everything else.

Just fill out the form below and send it in.

The Strategy

The copy trading strategy is a very unique take on the Martingale System and uses our own Pivot Bot on the 1 hour time frame and trades the forex binary options during the week and the Volatility Indexes on the weekend.

The basic strategy that allows for a trade entry is that either 4 consecutive green or red candles on the 1 hour chart must have formed and then also the outer band of a Bolinger Band set at Period 20 and 2 Standard Deviations must have been broken as well as the RSI indicator with a period of 4 and Overbought level of 70 or Oversold Level of 30 must also have been breached.

Only when these criteria are met is a trade initiated with a No Follow, so that means a reversal trade.

This is how it looks on our bot.

Point to note is that we do not trade around high impact news events.

The settings are available for free along with the Free Pivot Bot here if you would like to use the bot and trade it by yourself or with different settings and trade amounts.

As you know the binary platform does not accept any trades of 1 hour expiry between 9 pm-12 midnight GMT and so if the software is still in a progression, it will end here.

Also, there is no forex binary options trading on the weekend and on bank holidays as the markets are closed, so we switch over to trading the Volatility Indexes with the same settings.

Once again, there is nothing for you to do as we do everything automatically.

If you would like to take advantage of this free copy trading service, then simply fill out the form below and we will get your account up and running for you.

Remember the copy trading is set at $1 minimum per trade and you must have at least $100 in your Real account or Demo account.

You can check in your account under Profit Table to see what trades have been taken on your account.

Some days there are no trades taken.

You need to stick with it long term. Do an evaluation after each month.

We reserve the right to remove any demo accounts if we have too many and we feel that they are slowing down our copy trading software, as our first obligation is to the Real accounts.

You must read the page on Profit and Risk before subscribing to the copy trading.

==>> Go read about Profit and Risk

We don’t keep score or history of the copy trading. It’s a Martingale so it will always win in the end, unless it is in a progression and gets interrupted by the 9pm to midnight session on where no 1 hour trades are accepted and only trades with a 5 hour expiry are accepted

The idea behind this copy trading is that you get an idea of what is possible and set up your own VPS and your own trade amounts with the free bots that we provide and take responsibility for your own trading..