Free Vix Binary Options Copy Trading

Our free Vix binary options copy trading only works on the platform.

Vix is the Volatility Indexes.

Note: Volatility Indices are not available in the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Luxembourg.

We offer to copy our trades automatically and directly into your account.

  • We use propriety copy trading software with API
  • We have No access to your account.
  • You control your own account.
  • Our software simply copies our trades into your account via API
  • No need to even have your computer on or a VPS.
  • Simply setup an API Token in your account and send it over to us.
  • We have a proprietary and unique system that you will not find anywhere else.
  • This is a fully automated copy trading service.

How our Free Proprietary System Works.

The system trades the 5 Volatility Indexes.

Volatility 10 Index
Volatility 25 Index
Volatility 50 Index
Volatility 75 Index
Volatility 100 Index

The system is using a Martingale with a multiplier of 2.2 and takes 2 x  five minute trades on the same index at the same time, but in opposite directions.

One would be a Call trade and the other a Put trade at the same time.

The Martingale goes seven (7) levels deep and carries over to each new trade opened by any of the Indexes and starts with the minimum trade amount of 35 cents for everyone.

First Trade                             = $0.35
First Martingale Level          = $0.77
Second Martingale Level     =$1.69
Third Martingale Level         =$3.72
Fourth Martingale Level       =$8.18
Fifth Martingale Level           =$18
Sixth Martingale Level          =$39.60
Seventh Martingale Level    =$87.12

So a total of eight  (8) trades, the first trade and then seven levels of Martingale and a total of $159.43  required in your account to cover all levels.

However we will allow you to join in covering up to the sixth Martingale level, which is $72.31

That means that you must have $80 minimum in your account to be accepted into our Copy Trading Club to trade a real account.

The plan would be for you to make the extra $80 from trading so that you can cover your seventh Martingale level before starting to withdraw profits.

The most we have been to so far is level five, but that is not to say that we will never ever hit a level six or seven of course.

That is the risk of using the Martingale.

However, the way that we have the system set up in taking both directions of the same trade at the same time and sharing the Martingale with each new trade opened, regardless of which index it is, gives us some considerable confidence in using the Martingale in this fashion.

So to trade a Real account,  you must have a minimum of $80 in your account to cover six levels and your first aim is to make an extra $80,so that you can cover the 7th Martingale level.

Ideally you should have $160 to start trading a real money account so that you can cover seven levels of Martingale.

Subscription Costs:

It is completely Free.

Only criteria is that you have a minimum of $80 in your account to be allowed to trade a live account and preferably $160.

You must think of those funds as your equity to start opening trades.

Trading Objectives:

Our objective is quite simple.

We aim to make at least $10 a day.

As soon as we have hit our target for the day, then we will close down our trading for the day and start afresh the next day.

Volatility Indexes trade 24/7 so you looking at about 30 days of potentially  $10  per day.

These are good potential returns for the risk .

This system may sound a bit strange to you, but it has been proven time and again that over the long run, binary options results end up being about 50/50 and this system plays right into that.

We actually want the results to be around 50/50 whilst still being able to withstand a deviation of at least 10-20% either way.

Here are some results from when we started offering this to the public of just 2 days of trading from Thursday 11th October and Friday 12th October, so you can get to see how it plays:

Thursday and Friday Results Profit $43.82
Thursday and Friday Results Profit $43.82

⇒⇒ You can download all the trades from here

Saturday 13th October Results

Saturday 13 th Oct Results
Saturday 13 h Oct Results Profit $13.21
Sunday 14th Oct results Profit $19.02
Sunday 14th Oct results Profit $19.02
Monday 15th Oct Results Profit $15.40
Monday 15th Oct Results Profit $15.40
Tuesday 16th Oct Results $12.96
Tuesday 16th Oct Results $12.96

Total for 6 days of trading is $104.41

We post trade results on the Blog and Trading Results  page the day after.

API Token:
You will need to generate an API Token in your account to copy our trades.

Please read on this page how to create an API Token.

Trade Results

Please check the Blog and Trade Results for updates of our results. The results are normally posted the day after.

Getting Started

To get started with our Free copy trading service, just fill out the form below and depending on the time of day or night that we receive it, we will get your account set up and copying our trades of the Volatility Indexes for Free.

You are welcome to test it out on a demo account.

If we have too many demo accounts we will remove the  older ones first.

To trade with a real account, we only accept real accounts with a minimum of $80  or 80 Euros or 80 GBP or whatever your currency is, in order to cover 6 levels of Martingale starting from 35 cents and using a Martingale Multiplier of 2.2. but it is preferable and advisable to have $160 minimum in your account.

This is a Free service at the moment.

We also have a paid copy trading service that is trades taken by humans.

You can check it out on this page

Note: Volatility Indices are not available in the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Luxembourg.