Binary Options Tips

For some strange reason, many people think that binary options is a get rich quick scheme.

Well it is, if you are the broker.

So I guess there is some truth in that, so go and open up a binary options brokerage and you too can take all the money from the people who think it is a get rich quick scheme.

No, binary options is not an easy game but it can be beaten and can be very profitable.

The key is consistency and patience and a big dose of reality.

Just to point out some realities, take Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway, he averages 20 % profit per year.

Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi Scheme fraudster only offered his clients 10% per year and yet they invested $68 Billion with him.

Most institutional forex traders are content to make 5-15% per year.

Those are all the realistic numbers in trading by the big players.

Yet most binary options traders want to make 100% per week or month.

When somebody invests with Buffet, they can give him a million dollars and feel confident that he is going to make them 20% per year, which is $200 000.

Now they could withdraw this amount at the end of the year, but instead they usually leave it with him and start compounding.

So in year two, they start with $1 200 000 and after another 20% that year they now have $1 440 000, so a $240 000 profit and so on and so on until year 5 they will have $2 488 320 or if they left it going , then in year 10 they would end up with $6 191 736.

That is the power of compounding. Of course the longer you can let it compound the better.

Compounding is the secret to a lot of Buffets success, bearing in mind that he has been doing it for over 50 years.

Yet, how often do we see guys investing $50 and hoping to turn it into $200 or $500 in a few days?

It is just not realistic.

This is the kind of hype that scammers use to lure people in with promises of getting rich quick.

It ain’t gonna happen.

What to do?

Firstly, you got to have patience.

Start thinking longer than a day or a week.

You must start thinking in terms of months and yearly.

Secondly, you need to find a system that is going to give you a winning edge.

No matter how small that edge is, it has to be there, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Thirdly, you have to invest enough per trade to make the whole endeavour worth the effort.

Read our page about Profit and Risk to get an idea about this, but ideally you do not want to be investing more than 5% of your account balance per trade and make sure that your account is funded correctly to accommodate this.

Let us say that you started with $200 and traded 5% per trade, then that is $10 per trade.

Now you have a chance of actually making some money.

Realistically, don’t waste your time trading with anything below $5 per trade.

The plan

We already gave you the exact set up and strategy for using our Volatility Pocket bot.

==>> It is over here

We show you there how one of our club members, who started with $200 and made $584 profit in just two months.

That is almost a 300% profit.

Now you really are beating Buffet, big style and it is all run on a trading bot for you.

So all you have to do is set up your account the exact same way and let it run.

Don’t even bother looking at it until a month has gone by.

Just don’t touch it is what I am saying and give it time and space to do it’s thing.

What is the worst that can happen here?

It could blow the account, but lets be honest the trading bot is a better trader than you are and has a better track record than you.

So if anybody is going to blow the account it is probably going to be you trying to trade some half baked trading strategy or jumping from one strategy to another.

So give the bot a chance.

On the other hand it is probably going to perform roughly the same as it has month after month and you are going to show a nice little profit after a month.

Now you could withdraw your profits or let it run and start compounding that amount.

Sort of Buffet style.

You have been given the trading bot and the settings, a cheap place to get a Cheap VPS and all you need to do now is to take action.

So Take Action and get started and a month or two from now, you can be withdrawing a nice little profit or letting it compound even longer could make for a substantial withdraw for you.

But you got to Take Action and get started, otherwise nothing is going to happen.

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