Change to copy trading times.

Since the worldwide Covid 19 lockdown our copy trading results have not been anywhere near as good as they were before the lockdown.

As a result we have decided to go to the more conservative settings of trading on the 5 minute chart with a 10 minute expiry time.

This has been proven a good setting before, but it is much more conservative, meaning much less trades.

We will continue to monitor results of the 1 minute chart with 5 minute expiry on another account and when that one starts getting consistent results again we will switch back.

So the settings that we are using now are 5 minute chart with a 10 minute expiry with a Factor of 3.

What do you need to do?

Nothing if you still want to carry on copying the trades.

If you dont want to copy, then just let admin know.

If you would like to make use of the copy trading service go here

If you just want to use the bot go here.