Copy Trading Results to 3 September 2019

Our free copy trading service started on the 16th July 2019.

We will keep a score of how the account is doing and post it here monthly.

We started with a $200 account and $10 per trade which is 5% of the account balance.

Our first day of trading started off in the worst way possible with 7 losing trades in a row, but that is how it goes sometimes.

We didn’t let that bother us and carried on trading and we nicely back in the positive.

Win Rate = 57.86%
Total Profit trading $10 per trade = $151.80
Longest Losing Streak (LLS) = 7
Longest Winning Streak (LWS) = 10
Number of trades from starting day is 300

You can download the full trade history from the following Google drive link:

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