Frequently Asked Questions:
Q – Is it really free?

A – Yes, for the time being it is completely free.
Q – Does it only work with www.binary.com ?

A – Yes.
Q – Can I still trade on my binary dot com account while it is copying trades?

A –  Yes you can.
Q – Is there a minimum trade amount requirement?

A – Not from our side. You may trade with any amount you wish as far as we are concerned. The only limitations are those set by the broker themselves and these vary from area to area. Usually US dollar denominated accounts can trade from $1 and upwards and GBP, Euro and Aussie Dollar denominated accounts can trade from 5 of those currencies and upwards.
Q – I already have an account with www.binary.com is that ok or do I need to open an account via your links like some offerings out there?

A- No problem. You do not need to open via our links. If you already have an account, then use that or just open a new account. If you want the option of trading smaller amounts, then try and open a US dollar denominated account.
Q – I have a question, where do I ask it?

A – You may ask it via the form on the contact us page.