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As we mentioned on our Profit and Risk page, learning to trade spot forex is a much better long term proposition than trading binary options and we gave many reasons for this.

However, there are so many people selling courses and software and promoting their strategies and services as the best and most profitable that you could end up spending a fortune on courses and signal services before you find the real deal.

Fortunately, we have done all the legwork for you and can confidently recommend you to the best place to learn and be a part of a professional trading community.

If you would like to get serious about your trading, then we do not hesitate to direct you to John Lockwood and his team over at ForexSignals.

As a member you will have access to their Pro Trading Academy where you have exclusive educational videos where you will learn to trade using their proprietary strategies and learn to become a profitable trader.

They also stream live across all the days trading sessions and you can follow along with exactly the trades that are being taken.

Watching live how the traders implement the strategies that you have just learnt is a major confidence booster and will fast-track you to becoming a competent trader.

This is a case of earn while you learn.

Below John Lockwood from ForexSignals answers some commonly asked questions and gives some insight into being a trader and his daily routine.

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Can you make a living in Forex Signal Copying? John from ForexSignals answers this question.

John from ForexSignals discusses whether it is possible to make a full-time living and career from somebody else’s signals.

He goes into the bigger picture and how it can work.

Passive Income from anywhere in the world? John from ForexSignals gives his view on this

What kit do you need if you want to be serious about your trading?

John Lockwood of ForexSignals reveals his daily routine.

John gives us an insight into his daily routine as a trader and educator with ForexSignals.

John discusses how they do it over at ForexSignals

Is automated or robot trading superior to manual trading or is there some middle ground between the two?

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