Monthly Trade Results

The reason that we only post monthly trade results is that we only want our members to focus on monthly results.

That is all that counts.

Do not get caught up and focused on the daily trading results as that generally causes too much stress for most newbie traders.

Remember that if you have 100 trades per month and you have 60% ITM, then that means that you would have won 60 trades and lost 40 trades over the month, which is a winning result for the month.

Now those 40 losing trades are not exactly spread out evenly over the month. They might come in clusters, lasting a few days.

So if you focused on daily results, then you will get stressed out and throw in the towel and not be there for the winning run of results.

Having losing trades is part of trading. You must accept that.

What will make you a winner is to stick with it over a month and longer and have faith in the system.

We have not had a losing month since starting our club.

That is not to say that we will not ever have a losing month, but if you stick with it as our core members have done since the beginning you too would be in a big profit at this stage.

That is why we encourage monthly memberships and longer with our special promotions from time to time.

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