One minute settings for binary bot

Some of our users report that they are having good results trading the one minute charts with a one minute expiry trade on the Volatility Indexes.

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The settings we are referring to are:


3 consecutive green or red candles
3 consecutive green or red candles



4 consecutive green or red candles
4 consecutive green or red candles

The 4 consecutive red or green candles is the more conservative of the two, but still generating good results.

The guys are saying that they leave the bot running 24/7 with those settings and are making between $30-$70 per day trading with a starting trade of 50 cents.

You could of course start your first trade with the very minimum of 35 cents.

Let us take a look at  a 7 level Martingale starting with 35 cents and compare it to starting with a 50 cents Martingale and  multiplier of 2.2

First trade 35 cents 50 cents
First martingale level x 2.2 77 1.10
Second 1.69 2.42
Third 3.72 5.32
Fourth 8.18 11.71
Fifth 18 25.77
Sixth 39.6 56.69
Seventh 87.12 124.72

As you can see, after the fourth Martingale level it starts escalating quite dramatically, so maybe a 4 level Martingale is worth testing as well.

We need to do more testings ourselves,and will report back.

Anyways, have a test run on your demo account and see how it goes and send us your feedback.

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