Report back on one minute settings

We ran the bot with the one minute settings and 4 consecutive candles,  on the weekend for nearly a full day. It was actually 22 hours and 39 minutes.

Talking about this one:


You can download it from the following link if you do not have it:

Here is how it did:

one minute results

The results:

Run time: 22:39
Profit: $35.14

The trade amount started at 50 cents with 7 levels of Martingale.

There were 140 trades with 70 winners and 70 losers, so a win rate of 50% and yet we still came out in profit.

The max drawdown was $103.41

We need to take a closer look at all the trades to see exactly how it went.

You can download from Google Drive a copy of the history of all the trades taken.

There is one less trade showing on the history as I only reset the history after one trade had already been taken.

Ok, so if we look at  row 84 we can see the start of the 7 level Martingale on the RDBear Volatility Index

7th level martingale
7th level martingale

Just remember that the Martingale only starts after the first trade has been lost, so in this case it is on the 8 th trade that it finally wins.

The next worst losing sequence before winning was a 5th level Martingale.

5th level Martingale
5th level Martingale

The rest of the trades were won either on the first entry or after one or two Martingales.

To have covered that 7 level Martingale and starting with 50 cents per trade for the first trade, you would have needed to have $228 in your account balance.

So making the $35.14 in a day is making 15% per day.

You would need to have an almost 7 day consecutive winning run to double your money, although some members report that they make between $30-$70 per day, so in that case it would be less time.

In conclusion, you could go for the lower per trade amounts, they increase from 35 cents in 5 cent increments, to start with  and once you have made some money, then go for the higher time frame trades with the longer expiry times and take larger trade amounts like $10 and above.

It is definitely the higher time frames with the longer expiry times with bigger trade amounts that do well over the course of a month.

Problem is that many people do not have the patience to wait out a month, but that has been proven successful.

What some members are doing is running multiple instances of their bot and going for some aggressive trading as well as some conservative trading.

Remember that to optimize an expert advisor or robot is to find which settings worked best in the past and then use those, however, using the best settings that worked in the past is no guarantee that they will work in the future.


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