Binary Options Copy Trading Results to 18 Feb 2020

February was not the best trading month that we have had so far, but amazingly we managed to come out ahead by $15.87 in profit for the two trading weeks of February.

There were some rough days in there. One Friday last week we had 2 wins and 7 losses. Not in a row, but for the day.

This happens.

If you were unfortunate enough to start your copy trading in this rough patch, just stick with it as you will see that we have taken a $200 starting account to $2358.76 in profit in 7 months.

Remember we suggest 5% and 5 to 10% maximum, with 10% being the absolute maximum.

Do not go over that 10%.

In fact 5% is the sweet spot.

What is good about compounding compared to flat stake money management is that when you are on a winning streak, your trade size gets bigger and when you on a losing run, each successive trade gets smaller.

This is the best way to trade binary options.

Just stick with it.

Herewith, our trading results to 18 February 2020.

Trading 5% compounding of our account balance per trade, of our starting balance of $585.30 , since 5 November 2019, our profit to today, 18th February 2020, is $1 973.46 which is a Win Rate of 63.69%

Our longest losing streak (LLS) was 4 trades in a row and our longest winning streak (LWS) was 11 trades in a row on a total of 363 trades taken.

That brings our total profit to $2 358.76 on our opening account of $200 since starting our copy trading service on the 16th July 2019

You can download all our trade history from the following link: