Thursday 4 Oct 2018 Copy Results

4 x Winners – 3 x Losers


Please note:
As we are now trading with 1 hour expiry times the payouts are much higher compared to the 5 minute expiry trades.

As a results, that 57.1% In The Money today is actually a winning day.

The payout percentage is actually higher than the losing percentage.

Taking the winning trades percentage and subtracting the 3 losing trades percentage we get a positive winning percentage.

GBPAUD Payout  97.9%

GBPCHF Payout 83%

EURCAD Payout 74.75%

EURUSD Payout 77.9%

Total payout percentage = 333.5%

Subtract 3 losing trades at minus 100% = 300%

Total winning percentage is 33.5% positive for the day.

We have started the month only trading with 1 hour expiry trades so profit is much higher than when we were trading with 5 minute expiry trades.

We will continue only trading with 1 hour expiry trades.

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