Trading H1 charts and no Martingale with Binary Bot

Trading H1 charts with a 2 hour expiry time with the binary bot on forex binary options and also Volatility Indexes.


We traded these settings on the forex binary options on Friday 7th September 2018 for a full days trading.

They once again proved profitable.

We were trading $20 per trade with NO Martingale.

Total profit for the day was $48.27

Trading off the one hour charts and taking 2 hour expiry times.

8 trades were taken with 6 winners and 2 losers for a 75% ITM strike rate.

This is with No Martingale.

The results have been as consistent on the Volatility Indexes as well with these settings.

You can download the settings for this one if you do not have it from the link below.

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