Update to Volatility Pocket Bot settings

There has been a steady decrease in payout percentages on the Pocket Option platform over the last few weeks.

We had all our settings to take trades at a minimum payout percentage of 75% but this has decreased the number of trades considerably.

After experimenting and testing, we are back profitable using a Factor 3 setting for all our Money Managements and a minimum payout of 70%

We have updated all the Forex settings for these adjusted settings and you can download the updated settings from the link below.

Download updated Volatility Bot settings here

We are having good success with the FX_Masaniello_3 starting with $100 and setting our Take Profit at $50 and just running it over and over.

Same with the FX_Compounding_3 and 5% compounding. Start with $100 and set Take Profit at $50.

Try it.

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