Update Volatility Pocket bot and settings

After the repeated blocks of the Volatility bot especially during peak usage hours, we have made the changes to lighten the load on Pocket Option to make these situations more rare. In addition, the bot should reconnect more quickly and easily while remaining responsive.

In the latest version we are releasing the rows of the central table have these colours:

  • White -> active asset and properly connected
  • Pink -> inactive asset and properly connected
  • Yellow -> assets being connected
  • Red -> asset that had an error in the connection.

No problem for the lines with yellow and red colour … the bot will reconnect the asset at a later stage.

We have also updated all the settings for the bot to include a Pause period of trading around the 3 main market opening times.

We did this as on examination of all trading results, we found the majority of our losing trades happened around market opening times and so by not trading at those times we have increased our overall winning percentage.

It does mean less trades all round though so we we have been trading successfully with all Money managements of Factor 2.5 and Factor 3 and 4.

We have sent you an email with the latest links to download the latest settings and you can also use the previous download links as they are the same.

If you have not downloaded the Volatility Pocket bot for use with Pocket Option, then you can do that on the following page:

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