Volatility Binary Bot released

Happy to let you know that the new Volatility Binary bot has been released finally.

Yes, we now have two Volatility bots.

One that works with the broker Pocket Option and now this one that works with the broker binary.com

If you are on our mailing list, then we have already sent you an email with the download links.

If not, then just join our newsletter and we will send you the download links for all our bots and then keep you updated via email of any new updates.

This is a new thing on the site now. That is to say, signing up for the newsletter and getting sent all the download links for the various bots and their settings if any, all in one shot.

For all the info about the new Volatility Binary bot, you can go to the following page on the website.

==>> Volatility Binary Bot info

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  1. I want to start copying volatility indeces copiers.
    Please assist me with knowing how to get started.

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