Volatility Binary Bot

The BOCTC_Volatility_Binary bot works the same as our BOCTC_Volatility_Pocket bot but works with the broker binary.com .

So we have two bots that work the same but with different brokers, just in case you are getting confused.

One is Volatility Pocket bot and this one is Volatility Binary bot.

The names of the brokers that they work with are in the titles.

The BOCTC_Volatility_Binary bot is free to download for anybody with a binary.com account and there are no restrictions from our side and there is no need for license keys or anything like that.

Just download it and it is ready to use with an API Token for either your demo or real account on a Windows machine only.

This is how the BOCTC Volatility Binary bot looks

If we look at the image above and in the window chart, you will see those two blue lines above and below the candles. Those are the volatility lines and they can be set by what is called a factor.

The above example is on a 1 minute chart. and the factor is set at 3.8 but you can set your own factor number.

The bigger the number, the wider the gap between the lines.

The lower the factor the more narrow the gap between the lines.

The lower the Factor number, then more trading action and the higher the number the less trades and more conservative.

We have supplied you with settings for all the different Money Managements and for the Forex Options with a factor of 3.8 and on the one minute chart with a trade expiry time of 5 minutes with No Follow Trend, so reversal trade.

We have also supplied you with 2 settings for the Volatility Indexes with a factor of 2 and Follow Trend and No Follow Trend.

Anytime some extreme volatility comes into the market and the price (candle) touches one of the volatility lines, a trade is instantly initiated in the opposite direction if we have it set for No Trend Following or in the same direction as the trend if we have it set for Trend Following.

The bot settings are very self explanatory and we want you to test out different settings and demo trade them for yourself.

The Bot Setup

Short video (8 mins 34 secs) showing the sequence of events from signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page to downloading the bot and settings and installing the bot with settings.

Just a workflow video with some music.

Set up for volatility binary bot

Once you have downloaded the bot and installed it on your Windows machine, then right click the icon of the bot on your desktop and Run as Administrator.

Always Run it as Administrator.

All you need to do now, is insert an API Token either for a Real or Demo account and the bot is ready to work.

You can read about how to create an API Token here.

The Time Interval is the chart time frame.

The settings that we have provided in the download are all based on the 1 minute chart, but you can play around and find your own settings.

Trade On News

As we are trading volatility and pullback trades here we do not want to be trading around news times as that is often when the volatility is the highest, so we leave this unchecked if we trading reversal trades or No Follow Trades and we can leave it checked if we trading Follow Trend or continuation trades.

The news has no effect on the Volatility Indexes.

Reenter On Loss

This is an option to have the bot automatically reenter a trade after a losing trade.

Trend Following

Left unchecked, the default set up is that once the price (candle) touches the Volatility Factor lines, a trade is initiated in the opposite direction.

So a reversal trade or No follow trend.

If you select or check the box for Trend Following, then when the price (candle) touches one of the Volatility Factor lines, then it will initiate a trade in the same direction.

So a continuation trade or break out trade basically or a Trend Following trade.

Minimum Payout Percentage and TP

minimum payout percentage

Minimum Payout Percentage is a good setting to have as the payouts can drop really low at certain times of the day and after volatility especially with binary.com

We wouldn’t recommend going below a 60% payout.

You can also set your Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

A good Take Profit would be 25% of the amount that you’re trading with for the week and when that target is hit, then just close it down for the week and start again the next week

Do that 4 weeks in a row and you have doubled your account in a month.

Pause Times

Pause times

You can set the bot to automatically Pause trading at certain times.

We now like to Pause trading around the 3 main market opening times if we are trading reversal trades or No Follow trades as there is way too much Volatility at those times and often many breakouts and we are actually looking for Pullback trades.

If we are trading the Follow Trend, then we do not have any pauses as the market opening times are a good time for volatility and breakout trades.

If you are running your bot and it is not trading, just look in the history window and it will usually tell you the reason why.

In the image below you can see that it is giving the reason why the trade has not been executed as Pause 2.

That means that the time is between 07 am and 10 am on the server time (UCT) and that is what we have set for Pause 2.

If you want to delete a Pause time just make the time read 12 00 AM for Start and End times.

reason why Not Executed.

Money management.

We have the 5 Money Managements to choose from, i.e. Fixed Stake, Martingale, Custom Risk (%), Compounding and Masaniello.

Fixed Stake

fixed stake

Shared MM doesn’t apply here as each trade is independent of each other with fixed stake.

Max Simultaneous Trades – We have it set for one here, as you can often get a spike in the market and it could potentially open lots of trades.

Minimum Stake on forex binaries is $1 and on Volatility Indexes is 35 cents.

Stake – This is how much you are trading per trade, so in this case $10.


new Martingale level settings

Shared MM – In this case if you select it, then it will take just take one trade at a time and wait for the outcome of that trade to decide what the next trade amount will be.

Left unchecked, it will consider each asset traded individually and only apply the money management to the next trade on that pair.

This means that you could have many pairs trading at the same time with their own Martingale in action.

Max Simultaneous Trades, Minimum Stake and Initial amount are as they say.

Martingale Stakes allows you to set exactly what amount you want traded for each level of the Martingale.

You set your own amounts by adding rows and deciding what amount you want.

In the example above we started with $1 for the first trade amount and then multiplied each next amount by 2.2 and set those amounts in, covering 7 trades.

Custom Risk Percent

custom risk percent

You set your amount of cash that you want to be involved from your total account money and then you set your Risk (%)

Your Cash amount doesn’t and shouldn’t be your total account balance if possible.



Shared MM – Once again you can apply the compounding to each individual asset traded or cumulatively as a whole.

So if you have it checked it will consider all trades as one progression and if left unchecked it will consider each asset individually and apply the compounding to each asset.

Compounding is very similar to the Paroli and is a positive betting system.

If the first trade wins, then the total winnings are added to the next trade which is Level #1 and if that also wins, then the total winnings are added to Level#2 and so on for however many Levels you have.

Anytime there is a loss, it returns to the base level trade amount.

As we tend to have winning sequences where we have a number of winners in a row, this takes advantage of that and increases the bet size after a win .

Then when we have a sequence of losing trades, it keeps the stake amount down to the minimum stake



This is a popular betting progression from Italy and is quite clever.

You set the number of events so the number of trades, then you say how many of those you think that you will win, so expected wins ( about 50%) and what the payout will be, so the Average payout. (1.66 or 66%)

Then the Masaniello will set the trade amount for each trade depending on the outcome of the last trade.

Load Setup

This is where you can upload the settings that we have provided you from the unzipped folder and save your own settings when you make new settings.



This is quite simply the status of your account showing the balance and all other self explanatory settings.

Settings Window

settings window

In the Settings Window is where you can add a Row or Delete a Row, which means that you can add or delete different assets available on the binary.com platform.

With the settings that we have provided to get you started, it covers all 5 Money Management options on a 1 minute chart with a 5 minute trade expiry with a Factor of 3.8 and also two settings for the volatility Indexes.

We will look at the normal forex settings here.

Now if you wanted to change the factor on a certain asset, then you highlight that row, like we have the AUD/CAD highlighted and then you can change the settings for that asset.

If you wanted to apply those changes to all the assets, then must press Apply To All.

You will see that there is even an option to change when the trade starts, which is set as it touches one of the blue Volatility lines, to the End of Candle close.

You will need to demo trade this to see what works out good for you.

After you make a new setting for all your assets, then you want to give it a name in the Notes section and then Save it as a Setup

This saves it as a set file.

This is how you test and demo trade with different settings and then save the settings, so that when you have decided the settings that gave you the best results, you can come back and load up those settings for your live trading.

Just have a play around on your demo account and you will see how it works.

Please also read this post on how you can trade in both directions to your advantage.

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