VPS Cheap

We highly recommend that your put your Binary Bot on a Virtual Private Server or a VPS for short.

A VPS is basically  a brand new Windows computer hosted on a server for you.

You access it by Remote Desktop from your own computer or you can access it via Android or Iphone.

There are tons of VPS providers out there, but we have found one that suits our purposes and is cheap and robust.

It is actually called CheapVPS.

Do not let the name fool you though. They are a reputable VPS provider based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The VPS package that we recommend costs just €7.25 per month.

They do offer the option of paying for it quarterly, semi annually and yearly as well, which will give you a small saving in price over the monthly option.

Payment can be made via Skrill or PayPal plus a host of other options.

The VPS package is called xPress VPS and consists of the following:

  • I GBP Memory (RAM)
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • I TB Bandwidth

That is more than enough to run your binary bot and even add in an instance of MT4 if you like.

Of course if you want to do more trading and want more speed and better specs then go for the higher spec machines.

All the prices are very economical.

⇒⇒ Visit CheapVPS here

That will bring you to a page that looks like the following:

CheapVPS website
CheapVPS website

Click on Pricing at the top of the page and you will see the following page:

Select the highlighted 5 Euro per month
Select the highlighted 5 Euro per month

Forget about that 3.50 Euro per month option. Only 750 RAM will make you want to pull your hair out.

Of course the recommended one is the minimum we suggest.

If you want to be running multiple instances of your binary bot at the same time, like trading 5 different instances of it at the same time, then go for a higher spec machine.

As an example, say you wanted to trade all the forex options plus the volatility index with the basic settings;
List of settings

Or you had different settings for each instance of those settings, then you definitely are going to need a higher specs for your VPS.

Remember that you can have multiple instances of your bot running at the same time, just make sure that you have enough funds to cover drawdown.

Test on demo first.

So after you have selected your specs, you will come to the following page:

As you can see the price is actually €5 plus €2.25 for a public IP address. You need that to be able to login from your Remote Desktop. Total is €7.25

Select monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.
Select monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Now you will need to fill in your server details.

Fill in server details
Fill in server details

The main thing is to select Windows Server 2012 and give your server a name and put in your email address and make a password.

Leave the rest as is.

Now hit the Checkout.

You will be brought to the following page where you need to fill in your personal particulars and select your payment method and complete your order.

Complete personal details and complete order
Complete personal details and complete order

Now it will take a few hours for them to get your VPS set up and then you will receive an email from them with your new VPS details.

Be patient at this stage as it can take about 4 hours or longer depending on the time of day or night that they received your order.

If it is taking too long, then you can open a ticket in your control panel.

Next we will look at setting up our server and Remote Desktop.

Now when you receive your email from the support at CheapVPS, they will give you your server details:

VPS IP Address: – This is mine. Check what yours is.
VPS Username: Administrator
VPS Password: Your password here

Make sure that you save that email.

Now there are many options to connecting to your VPS using Remote Desktop.

You can connect to your VPS using your Desktop/laptop or a mobile device .

Following are a few links to help you connect to your vps

Connecting to your Windows VPS using windows 7 or Windows xp

Connecting to your Windows VPS using windows 8

Installing Remote Desktop Connection on Mac OS X

Connecting to your Windows VPS using mac os x

You can use RDP Client on Android to connect using your Android Phone

Microsoft Remote Desktop on Iphone

We will go through connecting via Remote Desktop on a Windows 10 machine.

In your Search, type in Remote Desktop

Search Remote Desktop
Search Remote Desktop

Then select the Remote Desktop Connection which is a Desktop App. Double click that.

A small Remote Desktop Connection window will open up.

Now simply fill in your VPS IP address that you received in your email from CheapVPS in the space for Computer.

Username could show your Computers Name/Administrator. That is fine.

Otherwise just fill in the Username as Administrator.

Remote Desktop Connection Details

Remote Desktop Connection Details

Then select Edit.

Another small window will open up.

Now fill in your VPS password and select OK.

Fill in Password
Fill in Password

That will open up your connection to your VPS computer.

Yours will be a clean screen with just the Recycle Bin showing and the Google Chrome Browser.

Mine below shows my Binary Bot and an instance of MT4 and Gyazo the screenshot app that I use, already installed.

Your new Windows Computer
Your new Windows Computer

All you need to do now is open your Google Chrome Browser.

Now navigate to your email inbox and download the bot to your VPS from the download link that we sent you.

Any info that you want sent to your new VPS  just open your email in your new Chrome browser and email it to yourself.

So say that you wanted your forex binary options license key to insert into your bot and activate it for that trading, then simply email it to yourself and open that email on your new VPS.

Remember that it is just like having a new computer and you can download and install pretty much whatever you want.

Of course the limitations are the size of your RAM memory.

We have just gone for a 1GB of RAM machine, but if you want to start adding in many extra things and it starts slowing down, then you will need to increase your RAM.

The good thing about CheapVPS is that it is scalable which means that you can purchase more RAM as you need it, without having to start a new machine when you run out of RAM and have to start afresh again.

Enjoy your VPS.