VPS Cheap

We highly recommend that your put your Binary Bot on a Virtual Private Server or a VPS for short.

A VPS is basically  a brand new Windows computer hosted on a server for you.

It needs to be a Windows VPS.

You access it by Remote Desktop from your own computer or you can access it via Android or Iphone.

There are tons of VPS providers out there, but we have found one that suits our purposes and is good value and robust.

The company is called CheapVPS and they are based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

We recommend their xPress VPS for € 5 per month, which comes out to €7.25 per month including everything.

There is more than enough space and speed on that VPS to host multiple instances of the bot as well as multiple instances of Meta Trader.

Visit CheapVPS here

Once you are on their website it will look like below: Forget about the €3.50 as that is too low specs for our needs.

Click on Get Started.

That will bring you to the following page and then select the €5 per month xPress VPS.

That will bring you to the following page where you have options on the billing cycles. It is cheaper the longer you take it for.

Fill in the details like below and make your passwords.

Then go to checkout.

The total with the IP Address comes to € 7.25

configure VPS
configure vps machine

It has the Windows license included in the price.

They accept payment with PayPal and Skrill, as well as credit card.

Once you have your new machine set up, it will have Google Chrome already installed, so all you need to do is login to your own email and download the bot to your VPS via the link in the email that we sent you.

=>=> Visit CheapVPS