Winning Settings for Volatility Pocket bot

One of our club members who was one of the first to Beta test the Volatility Pocket bot has offered his trade history and settings for you to copy.

Here is a quick screenshot of the results:

A win rate of 66.25% and Profit of $584.97 in just under 2 months from an initial $200 deposit account

You can download the full history from the link below:

==>> Download History here

This Club member started his live account with an initial deposit of $200 and began trading live on the 1st March 2019.

The results are from the 1st March – 26th April 2019

He began trading Fixed Stake settings and Compounding settings with various Factors, and $5 and played around with some settings, eventually settling on Fixed Stake of $10 with 3 simultaneous trades and a factor of 5 and just let it run.

This has now generated a profit of $584.97 to date.

That is nearly a 300% account increase in almost 2 months.

These are the settings that he used.

his settings
Fixed Stake with Factor 5

You already have this setting. Just load up your FX_Fixed_Stake_5 setting and change the Max Simultaneous trades from 2 to 3.

His suggestions are that if you trade lower Factor numbers to get more trading activity then limit the Max Simultaneous trades to just 1.

If you trade the higher Factors like 5, then you can go for more Max Simultaneous trades like he has at 3, but you could go even higher as there are not that many trades at the higher factor numbers.

He only trades the Forex binary pairs and never trades the OTC. We agree with this. No OTC trades.

He closes down his bot on a Friday and restarts it on a Monday.

He runs it on the Cheap VPS that we all use.

Hope that gives you some ideas and encouragement.


By using the factor 5 and those settings, you will only get a couple of trades per day and some days, no trades at all., while some days you might get a dozen or so trades.

Patience is the key with that setting.

If you want to see faster action go with a Factor 3 setting.

If you want tons of action go below a Factor 3. You can also make your own Factors like decimal points, e.g. you could go with a 2.5 for example. Play around and maybe you find something that works out good.


Please be aware of our updated winning settings.

We discuss it on this post.

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